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Always Keep the Faith Artwork Our latest album has been released containing new original content, a refresh of "The Closet", and "One September Day". It is available on all major digital music outlets. See us at our concerts to pick one up in person or e-mail Tim to request a copy by mail.



Who Is Bluegrass Brethren?

Bluegrass Brethren is comprised of five members, each who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They have committed their talents to the sharing of the Gospel through music for the encouragement of believers everywhere.

Featuring banjoist/multi-instrumentalist Les Beckwith, singer-songwriter/rhythm guitarist Tim Bryant, mandolinist and tenor singer Brian Beckwith, fiddle player/singer Lori Beckwith, acoustic bass player Jerry Barber.

The group presents a unique blend of gospel, hymns and traditional instrumentals to their listeners. Bluegrass Brethren's simple instrumental approach combined with heartfelt vocals and a fun loving stage presence make for an entertaining event. Best known for their own special brand of original gospel tunes rendered in a bluegrass music style, the group has delighted audiences of all ages since 1977. In 1980, their original composition "The Closet" became an instant hit among Bluegrass Brethren fans. It is, today, considered a classic. Their most recent album releases include "Complete" and the Hymns volume II: "Near the Cross". Their music has received national and international radio airplay.